The Anti-Morning

Day 4 of the challenge and I'm tired.  Not tired of the challenge, per se, but just physically and mentally tired.  This blog piece may not have the most sophisticated prose, but I am on a mission to stay faithful to my challenge.  It is imperative that I train myself to make writing a habit!  I'm sort of rewarding myself after I'm finished with this one.  As I type, we have fudgy brownies in the oven (though there's some kind of left over sludge at the bottom of the oven making it smoky and reminiscent of a campfire).  Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to some version of fudge brownies with a couple dollops of ice cream.  

But first, 500 words.

You know, one of the writing prompts the My 500 Words challengers sent me was to try waking up early to write.  My first reaction was an exasperated snort because you could probably say that I'm the Anti-Morning.  I actually have really wanted to become a morning person.  I have tried diligently to do so several times and have been unsuccessful several times.  My body and I are simply not friends at any hour between 5 and 9 am.  My husband will be the first to tell you that I am no fun, bubbly, let's-get-the-day-started-together type of Robyn in the morning.  Unfortunately for him, and anyone else that gets to interact with me before my second cup of coffee, I'm pretty grumpy.  

The other morning, Danny knocked several times on the bathroom door while I had the shower water heating up.  I could hear a muffled version of his voice, and a knocking of his knuckles.  For some reason, I got SO annoyed.  What could be so important that he's knocking incessantly and yelling through the door?!  I turned off the water and barked a "what?!" in his direction.  "I was just wondering if you wanted me to bring your Walk for the Waiting t-shirts into school today... I didn't know if you wanted to hand them out."  Oh.  Of course he's just trying to be sweet.  But in the mornings, before my shower, before my coffee, before I've brushed my teeth, I'm a dragon lady.  Plain and simple and unpleasant. 

So, all that goes through my head while I'm considering being a morning writer.  I can only imagine what my blogs would sound like in the foggy haze that is my morning cognition.  I think it just comes down to trying it and seeing what happens.  I've read a few articles that claim morning writing allows your thoughts to be clear and untainted by news and everyday stressors.  I like that idea.  A clean and renewed mind (sounds oddly like Romans 12:2).  On top of having clarity, it offers you a jumpstart to success before your day even truly starts.  Getting to mark off a blog post before I make it to the office seems to open up thinking space so I'm not worrying about what I'm going to write later.  Does that make sense?  

Well, tomorrow is a Monday and we have some monstrous storms rolling in this evening.  I've lived in Arkansas so long that the tornado sirens going off didn't even phase me.  Danny and I just kept cooking and turned on the weather channel to keep an eye on things via radar.  I sleep so well during thunderstorms and I can see tonight being very Netflix and chill.  With an early bedtime in my future, I'm going to do my best to wake up early tomorrow and write my 500 words before even stepping foot outside.  

Wishfully thinking that I'll be into the whole morning writing thing,