Robyn Cisar is a 25-year-old adoptee from the Natural State with a passion for writing.  Since reuniting with her biological family, she’s felt moved to advocate for adoption by connecting with other adoptees, adoptive and biological families.  After earning her Bachelor of Arts degrees in psychology and sociology from the University of Missouri, she moved back to her hometown of Little Rock.  Robyn has stayed involved with the adoption community in central Arkansas by speaking at local foster and adoption support events hosted by non-profit organizations and churches.  She's also spoken to elementary and high school kids about foster care and adoption, as well as the need to introduce adoption education to schools.   She was the 2016 chairperson of Walk for the Waiting, an event that raises awareness about the orphan crisis by building community, raising funds and challenging people to pray for each waiting child.   The event raised more than $250,000 for three of the leading orphan focused non-profits in the state, and gathered more than 1,500 Arkansans to walk on behalf of waiting kids.  Robyn is also a voice on the radio - anchoring the news for the Arkansas Radio Network and Little Rock's news station, 102.9 KARN.  She says she feels called to help bring an end to the orphan crisis by sharing her story and raising awareness.    

Robyn enjoys hammocking, meditative doodling, and spending time with her husband.  The newlyweds got married on 12-13-14, because that date is awesome.  Daniel and Robyn suffer from severe wanderlust, and are outnumbered by furbabies: two dogs and one cat.  They consider themselves dog people, but say their cat is mostly a lap dog anyway.