My Newest Challenge: A General Update

Here we go, I'm starting a writing challenge.

There are far too many days when blogging is daunting, a constant poking on my shoulder, like a bully following me around all day.  I feel guilty for not blogging like I should, and I sound just like I have a half dozen other times when I realize I talk about writing more than I actually do it.  There, I admitted it.

The truth is, I'm way too hard on myself to actually spit my words out.  I usually can't get through writing a single paragraph without stopping to critique my syntax or punctuation.  I just erased a sentence and typed this one.  See?!  I can't even get through my first draft.  

Thankfully for Pinterest, I found a writing challenge that I am going to stick to and hopefully form into a habit.  It's called My 500 Words, a 31-day challenge to write 500 words each day.  A rough draft each and every day about anything.  I started it today, and my "Day 1" challenge is to announce that I'm doing it, recruit someone to keep me accountable, and then write 500 words (obviously).  I'll get an email each day with a reminder and a prompt, should I be ailing from the insufferable Writer's Block.  

So, now that I've announced my newest goal, I'm going to move on to a new subject (so as to complete my 500 words for today, and also share some exciting news):

Tomorrow, I have the opportunity to speak to my husband's school (about 200 students) about adoption, and an event called Walk for the Waiting.  I'm realizing now that I haven't mentioned the Walk on my blog yet, which is a shame and a testament to why I've started this new writing challenge.  

Walk for the Waiting is an event that I have come to love and chair!  The first ever Walk for the Waiting was in the spring of 2013.  I was in college at the time and remember hearing a couple of my friends talking about this new adoption event that started in my hometown.  After graduation, I moved back to my hometown of Little Rock and got involved with the organizations that put on the Walk.  In 2015, I served as event coordinator - basically making sure everything that happened on the day-of went smoothly and was ready to roll.  This year, I was blessed with a little promotion, to chairperson.  

Walk for the Waiting raises awareness of the foster care crisis in the state of Arkansas.  It is a fundraising event that benefits three of the leading orphan focused non-profits in the state: The CALL, Project Zero, and Immerse Arkansas

So, I'm saying all of this to express my excitement for what tomorrow has in store.  I've become increasingly more passionate about introducing adoption education to schools, and tomorrow will mark my first real school speaking engagement.  It is my prayer that the students will be receptive to what I have to tell them about adoption, the biblical principles behind it, and why they need to be aware of it.  I'm hoping to encourage any fostered or adopted youth that are listening to share their stories and connect with one another.  It's time for our future generation to be informed about the history of adoption in our country, about the option of adoption in family planning, and why it's important to be sensitive to students with unique family backgrounds.  


'Til tomorrow,