For the love of God, I will walk

I am walking because I believe in forever families.

My older brother and I were given our forever families when we were babies. Adoption is how our lives started and how our family came to be. I believe every waiting child has the right to loving parents and a safe home. I am dedicated to pointing children and broken families back to Jesus.

I will walk for the waiting.

I am walking for every single one of the 4,700 kids waiting in foster care on any given day. I am walking for each and every one of the 600 kids whose parents’ rights have been terminated, and are now waiting for adoption. I’m walking for the 250 teens that unwillingly age out of the system without a family to call their own.

I’m walking because there has to be a change.

I am walking for the children who have slipped between the cracks. I am walking for the kids that were forced into the system. I am walking for the children that have lost their hope, the spark in their eyes. I am walking for the kids who ask, “How long will I have to wait for a family?”

I’m walking to bring awareness to this crisis.

I’m walking with the unified body of Christ. I’m walking because there is power in the voices of many. I’m walking because anything is possible when we’re in it together.

I am walking to combat the devil.

I am walking to diminish his power. I am walking to be living proof of the love that exists that these children may not have ever experienced. I am walking for redemption stories like my own.

For the children who have so innocently been exposed to evil, I will walk. For the children who are alone, I will walk. For the children that have to realize how dark the world is, I will walk. For the children who are empty, I will walk in prayer so the Lord might fill them and bring them life.

I am walking because Jesus LOVES his children. Jesus CHERISHES his children. Jesus FIGHTS for his children. As disciples of Christ, we owe it to our children, God’s children, to continue the fight and pursue them as He pursues us.

For the love of God, I will walk. And every day after, I will stand.


Until no more are waiting,


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