Baby Girl Blue

In honor of World Adoption Day, an original poem:

Blue is her favorite color
The color of life and the egg
The sky is always blue
Day and night
Even when fire spars with dawn and dusk
Blue is an ever-present knight.

Her secret written in the stars
Dreaming tears of blue fill her eyes
The sharp crescent an alluring anchor
The vast sky a mystery to her
Glitter riddles her identity
Still, hope rests beneath her wings.

Cries of memory unknown
Echo through the blue night sky
A woman with child fighting for life
Everything is blue
There is hope still.

Nesting blue for a boy
Appointed and prepared
Unaware of the equivocal
When a baby girl is born.

Stars in her eyes shimmer tears of blue
Crying a song of love and loss
Destiny twinkles away to dawn.

3 days left
Hope Star they call her
Spring melts into Summer
Moments of treasure
Heavy blue star dusted sky

Father, Mother, Child
Faceless family of old
Holy water
Blue blessings of faith and hope
A dream of time mending all of history

Hope Star
The day is here
Hues of blue dashed throughout the sky
A baby bundled by mother's hand
Tears of blue

Stars rain fortitude on a weeping willow
Bereaving blue
Harrowing handshakes
A blur of familiar faces
Blue bravery

Hope Star
Heartfelt hugs
Stolen glances
Frantic whispers
I love you, baby girl
The willow is still, silent
Blue ink.

Robyn takes flight.

She lands delicately in strong arms
Soft blue, warm songs
I love you, baby girl
Different voices
A family, unfamiliar, careful, joy-filled
Soaring on hope
Head over heels in blue

Father, mother and brother
Stars linger in light of the full moon
It's a different sort of blue
United, welcome, intricate, round
A nest of elements blended
Blue like music, harmony, a circle



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